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About Me

About Me

I co ordinate the International Playboy Bunny Reunion. I have found over 1600 former Bunnies from around the world and we continue to look for more. If you were a Bunny at a club we welcome you to our group. I worked in Lake Geneva and Chicago clubs. 

Event History

The reunion welcomes Former Bunnies from around the world. We get together every two years. Share our families, memories and celebrate our friendships. We have a fb group  and several groups that meet around the country on the off years for get togethers and parties. 

Event Highlights

This year the event will be held in Dallas TX on Sept 21-23, 2018.  Tours, Meet & Greet, Party and Main event. I would be happy to send you information and welcome you to join us. Please email me your contact info , when and where you worked and picture. We will contact you. Thank you. 


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